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In December 2003, we were off to Egypt for the famous sights that we'd both long wanted to see. We decided to build our trip around an Abercrombie & Kent Splendors of the Nile cruise, adding a side trip to Alexandria before the main tour.

We had a wonderful guide for the whole trip, Mahmoud Hamza, a trained Egyptologist. Thanks Mahmoud!

City of Alexandria
Memphis and Saqqara
Pyramids at Giza
Temple at Abu Simbel
Aswan & Philae
Temple at Kom Ombo
Esna and Edfu
Temples of Thebes
Thebes West Bank
Temple at Dendera
The Nile Cruise
City of Cairo
  Small Map
City of Alexandria
Pyramids at Giza City of Cairo
Memphis and Saqqara
Temple at Dendera
Thebes West Bank Temples of Thebes
Esna and Edfu Temple at Kom Ombo
Aswan and Philae
Temple at Abu Simbel

Having someone both friendly and knowledgeable made the trip much better than if we'd gone on our own and we highly recommend A&K and especially Mahmoud to anyone traveling to Egypt. Words can't do it justice to these monuments such as the Great Pyramids and Abu Simbel, and pictures don't really either, but we took plenty of them so here they are!

Historical text taken from Knopf Quides: Egypt which is a very interesting book, having much more historical and cultural background than most guide books (at the expense of more prosaic travel information).
See this book on