Italy 2006

We went to Italy (twice!) in May 2006 with John's and then with Renée's parents.



We spent four days in Rome at the start of the trip with John's parents. Of course, there is a huge amount to see and we saw a lot, but we also managed to not overdo the touristing and enjoy the city.


John was fascinated by the Colliseum in Rome and took so many pictures of it that they need their own page.


After Rome, we drove down to Naples to see the sites buried by the erruption of Mt. Vesuvius in antiquity. The most famous of the buried cities is Pompeii and we spent a whole day there.


The next day, we started off by climbed up Mt. Vesuvius itself. It's a pretty impressive crater, especially when you consider that what's left is only half the height of the original mountain.


After lunch, we visited the other famous buried city of Herculaneum.


We spent four days in Florence with Renée's parents and thorougly enjoyed this beautiful city.

Italy 2006 - Rome - Colliseum - Pompeii - Vesuvius - Herculaneum - Florence - Coker Family Home