Mexico 2005: Teotihuacán

Our only day trip from Mexico City was to the amazing anicent site of Teotihuacán. We were taken by our cousin Marie Carmen and her mother.

From the Eyewitness Travel Guide for Mexico:
"Its name meaning 'the place where men become gods,' Teotihuacán is one of the most impressive cities of the ancient world. Founded before the Christian era, this colossal urban center once housed up to 125,000 people and covered over 20 sq km (8 sq miles). It dominated life in the region for 500 years before being destroyed (possibly by its own people) and abandoned, around AD 650. Later, the site was held sacred by the Aztecs, who believed it had been built by giants. The ceremonial center, with its temples, palaces, and pyramids, bears witness to the city's splendor but has revealed little about its creators and inhabitants. Their origin, way of life, and even demise remain a mystery."

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