Provence 2007: Vaison la Romaine

This town was popular with the retired Roman military and is today popular with Parisians' for second homes. Archaeologically, it boasts some nicely excavated villas, a bridge and a museum. There is an upper medieval village but we concentrated on the lower regions where the Romans had settled. As usual one can see evidence of the sophisticated water systems that gave Roman's such a good standard of living wherever they colonized. Since in France the site closed down at lunchtime we had one of our more memorable French meals at a restaurant called "Le Brin d'Olivier." John had this amazing house smoked duck and my lamb was memorable as well. After lunch we went and checked out their Theatre which as you can see pales in comparison to the one in Orange.

Provence 2007 - Orange - Mt. Ventoux - Vaison la Romaine - Seguret - Chateuneuf - Coker Family Home